Educational Psychologist

I am a chartered educational psychologist. I also work as an academic and professional tutor at University College London.

I support children and young people who are having problems at school, and home, with learning, social and emotional problems, and issues around disability. I do this through:

·         Cognitive assessment using standardised tools

·         Observation of children and young people in early years and school settings

·         Interviews with children and young people and the key adults in their lives

·         Consultation with teachers (meeting with teachers and finding ways to help children together)

·         One to one and small group interventions with children and young people to address a range of learning, social, behavioural and emotional problems

·         One to one interventions with parents to help them help their children. This includes parenting support

·         Assessment of whole school issues and working with school management and staff to find ways to make positive change. This includes support around commissioning new services to meet identified needs. 

·         School staff training on a range of issues – recent examples include ‘how to work with parents as partners’ and ‘how to use restorative approaches in your school’