Clinical Psychology Services

involves the application of psychology to health and community care. Clinical psychologists work in specialties. The most common are:


  • Adult mental health services (including a range of psychological therapy services);
  • Adult mental health rehabilitation and resettlement services;
  • Child health care (including paediatric and child and family mental health services);
  • Services for people with learning disabilities;
  • Services for older people (including mental and physical health services);
  • Primary care services, management (including advising purchasers, and consultancy on health care systems);
  • General hospital acute services (including acute medical and surgical specialties);
  • Neuropsychology (including neurological and neurosurgical services and neuropsychological rehabilitation);
  • Services concerned with substance abuse (including those for people with alcohol and drug problems);
  • Forensic services;
  • Services for people with physical and sensory disabilities (including young disabled people and those described as ‘the chronic sick’) and
  • Sexual health and HIV/AIDS services

Clinical psychologists also work in educational and social service settings. Clinical psychologists are problem solvers, formulating problems and questions in psychological terms and drawing creatively on a wealth of psychological theories and techniques from the discipline of psychology to find ways forward. Clinical psychologists work directly with complex problems involving individuals, couples, families, groups and service systems. Consultancy and training is provided to carers and health care professionals to maximise the use of their psychological skills.

Organisational consultancy is carried out with provider and purchaser organisations on the psychological aspects of health and community care.

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Key Benefits

  • Timely access to services
  • Fully qualified and accredited practitioners
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Integrated clinical care


  • Practitioners who are experts in their field.
  • Established record of clinical outcomes