Psychodynamic Counselling

is derived from psychoanalysis. It is a model that uses psychoanalytic concepts to explain human growth and development, and the nature of psychological problems. There is an emphasis on exploring both unconscious conflicts and conscious difficulties.

Psychodynamic counselling uses the therapeutic relationship to gain insight into unconscious relationship patterns which have evolved since childhood and continue to cause concerns to the client. By exploring these issues and through the re-experiencing of unresolved or problematic feelings within the therapeutic relationship, the therapist and client can begin to make sense of the client's current concerns. This opens the potential for insight and change, and thus enables client's to better manage their actions and responses in their day to day lives.

The therapeutic relationship in contemporary psychodynamic counselling is based on acceptance, empathy and understanding. It aims to establish a good working alliance that fosters trust within a safe environment.

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Key Benefits

  • Timely access to services
  • Fully qualified and accredited practitioners
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Integrated clinical care


  • Practitioners who are experts in their field.
  • Established record of clinical outcomes